Sustainable Solutions

Merit understand that all our business activities and operations have an effect on the environment.  Subsequently, we are committed to identifying and mitigating these impacts by providing a range of sustainable solutions for our clients.


Merit understands client’s needs are ever-changing.  The work environment may change and office space may grow or reduce.  Instead of disposing unwanted furniture and re-starting the process of buying new furniture, Merits have the expertise to advise and carry out reconfigurations to ensure this furniture can be put to future use. 

Our warehousing facilities allow customers to store any unwanted furniture until such a time it is required, whether this may be in its original form or having undergone reconfigurations.  Our online management system gives clients access to their stock levels allowing them to monitor what product can be used for other purposes.


In addition to our larger installation and relocation projects, we carry out service works for our manufacturer and dealer networks.  These works involve solving installation and product issues, chair repairs, french polishing and respraying to repair furniture scratches and damage as well as showroom reconfigurations.  Senior members of our service teams with vast expereince are tasked with the installation of bespoke and high-end studio items. 

Our experienced team have built a wealth of knowledge to deal with both common and rare nuances and carry out successful repairs across a range of furniture systems.   Whilst repairs can be carried out as part of an ad hoc service, we can also offer our expertise as part of a larger fit-out project.  We can provide on-site support for an agreed period of time to deal with any damages to newly installed furniture that may have accidentally occurred by other trades on site or that arrived damaged.  It may prove quicker and more cost-effective to repair a small damage rather than organising a replacement.


We have a 1,500 square foot fit-for-purpose workshop where our dedicated furniture refurbishment team provide cost-saving and environmentally responsible solutions without compromising on standards.  Our team can inject a new lease of life into any item of furniture through:

  • Professional powder coating or respraying metal components including pedestals
  • French Polishing - surface and scratch repairs
  • Carpentry including cutting down and providing new tops
  • Resizing screens
  • Re-upholstering chairs and general soft furnishings

Professional Cleaning

Merits offer a professional furniture cleaning service to fully refresh all soft furnishings.

Recycling and Reuse

Merit follow the waste hierarchy model whereby we seek to reduce, re-use, recycle, recover and dispose in that order.  We will first seek to identify whether items can be used within the client’s estate.  With our client’s permission, we will then commence our reuse process where we distribute unwanted furniture to local charities and organisations.  Our dedicated recycling area within our premises is then utilised to responsibly compact and recycle any unwanted items and packing materials not suitable to be re-used.  On-site recycling equipment can only be operated by trained personnel.  Following the completion of reduce, reuse and recycle Merits aim to be left with minimal general waste.  Nonetheless, Merits organise any remaining waste to be collected and recycled by Equinox Ltd (our preferred recycling partner) in a bid to continue the sustainable process of disposing waste responsibly.  They have a vast amount of experience in the industry and are highly trained to overcome any obstacles that may confront them to achieve zero waste to landfill.