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New desks x 22     New installation completed in advance of the relocation for new staff and spare desks.

Staff x 70              Personal crates 3 crates per person

Desks x 70            Dismantle, protect & relocate

Operators Chairs x 80    Chair tags for users to track their own chair

Table bases x 9        Removed existing tops & dispose, install new tops

IT x 70         IT Crates Merit to decom / recom desktop IT and pack into crates.Screen protection, antistatic foam protection and bubblebags used.

Meeting chairs x 77    Chair bags

Leather reception chairs x 4   Chair bags

Coffee tables x 4 (Glass)      Protection

Scope storage cabinets x 35       Protect and relocate

Archive boxes x 10 cages       Caged and relocated, estimated at 10 cages worth

Whiteboards x 4     Removed from walls, transported and re-installed

MFD x 2        Protected, removed from the building by lift and positioned in the new space.

Server Equipment x 3 cages      Decom / Recom by client, antistatic foam protection and bubblebags used Merit to have a dedicated 2 man team working with the IT supervisor protecting and packing the server equipment into 3 x cages. Antistatic bubblewrap, bubblebags and foam required to act as protection.

Desktop Printers x 24        Printers protected and loaded into IT cratesFiling / stationary / shelves 343 Filing crates / Linear meters Merit priced to pack and unpack all filing, stationary items plus items / paperwork / books currently in credenzas / bookcases in Managers offices / meeting rooms.

Due to access restrictions at 40 Gracechurch Street this relocation was completed using 3.5ton Luton Vans only.

Due to red route access restrictions at 85 Gracechurch Street we could only load between 10am and 4pm, then, we could continue loading outside rush hour



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